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DSI Crossover

DSI Crossover

(DSI Crossover)

DSI "Crossover" Marching Shoe. Designed to meet the extreme demands of high performance marching movements the Crossover outperforms other well-known athletic footwear. Can be used for practice or performance by college, high school, drum corps, and indoor percussion groups. It features the Xtreme Tendon Fit in the midfoot which provides unmatched support and also has a one-piece rubber sole, canvas toe box, breathable mesh upper, Stabil heel cup and an extra eyelet for narrow feet. Black Only! Sizes: Men 2.5 Med-13 Med (in whole and half sizes), Men 6.5 Wide-13 Wide (in whole and half sizes), Men 14 Wide-18 Wide (whole sizes only). Women 4.5 Med-15 Med (in whole and half sizes), 8.5 Wide-15 Wide (in whole and half sizes), and 16 Wide-20 Wide (in whole sizes only)

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