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DSI "Velocity". The Ultimate Choice! A shoe engineered for peak efficiency.

  • Sleeker foot shape, reducing "boxiness"

  • Thinner Soles

  • Articulated Sole

  • Tread (new) inset from slim edge

  • Slimmer, more efficient "toe box"

  • Perforated side panels for great air circulation

  • Lower Profile lacings for smoother look

  • "Dance Shoe" lower sides

  • Stabilized stitches on tongue

Sizes: Men Medium: 2.5-13 (full and half            sizes)            Men Wide: 6.5-13 (full and half            sizes), 14,15,16,17,18.            Women Medium:4.5-15 (full and half            sizes)            Women Wide: 8.5-15(full and half            sizes)16,17,18,19, 20 Colors: Black or White        

M.S.R.P: 31.50
Price: 30.25



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